Perfect Indian Chef Hire Indian Chef for Your Indian Restaurant in UAE

Finding the Perfect Indian Chef: Hire Indian Chef for Your Indian Restaurant in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a place that has grown into a place of various cultures and traditions. Once a Muslim-only country, various people now reside here, coming from around the world and prompting food and flavors from around the world to come here as well. Thanks to the demand for different cuisines ecologically motivated by immigrants in UAE, several restaurants dedicated to various cuisines, like Turkish, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese among others, are developing and blossoming like a beacon. Among the various delicacies, Indian food remains the top demand. This has propelled the need for the number of chef required for Indian restaurant in the UAE.

If you are a restaurateur in UAE who is having trouble hiring an Indian chef or looking for private catering services during the current surge in demand, we can help. This blog offers enough information to guide a smart hire, so read on!

How to Hire Chefs in UAE?

How to Hire Chefs in UAE?

Finding and hiring an Indian chef can be approached in various ways:

● Tap into Your Network:

Contact people you are acquainted with to ask whether they may know anyone who is thinking of a career change. If you will inquire around, then suppliers or current staff may have suggestions. By offering incentives such as cash prizes for referring someone who gets hired, more people may be motivated to get involved in helping advertise job vacancies.

● Utilize Job Portals:

The job portals are a good first step in hiring chefs. In the UAE, popular recruitment methods include websites such as Gulftalent, Bayt Indeed, Monstergulf, and Laimoon. Advertising on these sites can help in attracting chef candidates that suit the restaurant’s requirements. Figure out the profile of the chef required for Indian restaurant – sous, executive, or head one and highlight the list of competencies for this position.

● Staffing Agencies:

A staffing agency could be one of the best options for hiring an Indian cuisine chef. Agencies like Khaansama have valuable resources for streamlining the hiring process. They often have a talent pool available or can tap into their network to find suitable candidates for your restaurant.

Using a staffing agency can save time and resources since they handle most of the administrative tasks associated with hiring.

● Job Advertisements:

Advertising in newspapers like Gulf News incurs time and financial investments, depending on ad size and design factors. Choosing between a quarter-page or smaller ad, color or black and white, will influence the overall cost. Alternatively, consider placing job ads like “North Indian chef required” on social media platforms and websites catering to chefs, which can also yield positive results.

Things to Consider When Hiring an Indian Chef in UAE

How to Hire Chefs in UAE?

The restaurant scene in the UAE has flourished thanks to its diverse and inclusive nature. There’s been a huge demand for Indian cuisine among customers, driving much of this growth. Consequently, Indian chefs are highly sought after. Finding the right chef is crucial, and here’s what you should consider:

● Evaluate Culinary Skills:

Before hiring a chef, it’s important to assess their culinary abilities. Have them prepare their signature Indian dishes and discuss how they would design a menu tailored to your restaurant’s Indian concept and customer preferences. For instance, if your restaurant is putting up ads for “south Indian chef required,” make sure to ask them to make popular South Indian dishes like Idli Sambar, Dosas, Uttapam, Medu Vada, Kerala Prawn Curry, Fish Molee, Bisi Bele Bhaat, etc.

This way, you can judge their level of creativity and consistency along with preparation time for the food as well as menu variation; they must meet hygiene standards in addition to kitchen administration. Understanding these components is very significant since it will help you to find a chef who can head your restaurant and have an extensive customer base.

● Assess Commitment:

The restaurant industry is associated with a high rate of turnover. Unless you are operating a seasonal pop-up, give priority to candidates with an established track record of stability. Try to find active employees who have worked in their former positions for at least one year.

● Check References:

Call the candidate’s references to establish their timeliness, reliability, integrity, and work ethics. Discuss known issues during reference checks if you’ve identified any, for example supervisory skills.

● Evaluate Multitasking Abilities:

Chefs work around various activities, from cutting ingredients to preparing several courses during busy days. They may also have to help out other cooks when it is required especially during holidays, so make sure they are well-versed with all that.


While UAE is known for its impressive culinary and cuisine, any Indian restaurant that wants to ensure proper satisfaction of customers needs a perfect Indian Chef. Recruitment becomes easy to manage through the application of networks, job portals, staffing agencies, and strategic advertisements.

By concentrating on their culinary expertise, dedication, and multitasking skills, restaurateurs can ensure that Indian cuisine not only enthralls UAE diners but also lets them present a unique tradition to their customers.