Training Chefs to Bring out the Top-Notch Professionals

Training our chef recruitments to transform them into the culinary artists, who can effectively manage the kitchen as well as your clients to provide quality services and leave an everlasting impression.

Improving the Recruitment with Our Training Program 

Smooth transitioning into new work environment can be achieved through training sessions with the experts. Trained candidates are a great asset for our clients as they don’t need to worry about training them in-house and get their expectations met with least effort. The skills required for a career as a professional chef vary depending on the specific role. While an executive chef needs to focus on adhering to rules and regulations of the kitchen, the head chefs need to plan the activities and menus, while taking care of the client communication as well.

International candidates can benefit the most from our training sessions as it exposes them to culture of their workplaces prior to the actual joining. It makes the collaboration easy at both ends. Our training sessions emphasize the essential business acumen required in today’s dynamic food and restaurant industries, allowing the candidates to provide their best services.

Key Takeaways of Our Training Program

  • Comprehensive training in food safety and sanitation aids chefs in maintaining a clean kitchen and manage the inventory effectively.
  • Cultural training is crucial to allow the aspiring chefs understand the clients and their expectations beforehand.
  • Grooming and presentation skills training allows the chefs to understand the professionalism related expectations from their workplace which can vary based on global regions, hotel chains or restaurants they are going to collaborate with.
  • Soft skills trining allows the chefs to be great communicators, which can help them being the leaders they need to be in kitchen and deal with the clients in an effective manner.

We will let them tell you!

Chutney Mary has been using the recruitment services of Khaansama for all our London Fine Dine restaurants and they have been amazing.

Camellia Panjabi Group Director - Masala World

We are chain of restaurants with huge requirement of skilled kitchen staff. Khaansama has been with us for years on retainer basis.

Om CEO - Pasta Bowl Company

Khaansama has helped me shape my career in hospitality. They helped me get an amazing opportunity with a big brand in Australia.

Chef Vijay Sethi Executive Chef - Restaurant

We are associated with Khaansama for more than 7 years now. We are very happy with their retainer model of HR & recruitment services.

Ritu Memani Owner, Atara Hospitality

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