A Decade Old
Virtual HR Company

Revolutionizing careers for a decade, Khaansama is the trusted virtual HR partner connecting job seekers with tailored opportunities worldwide.

At Khaansama, our focus is on fostering the growth of businesses and careers within the hospitality industry. We achieve this through a range of services, including recruitment, compliance assistance, global mobility support and custom workforce solutions including virtual HR and other non-core business outsourcing services. Our primary goal is to provide a personalised and transparent recruitment experience that fosters open communication and ongoing support for both our clients and candidates.

Our team of experienced consultants provides a seamless exchange of information and ensures that the candidates are verified and well-prepared with all relevant documents in hand. Our recruitment solutions cover both India and abroad, and we ensure smooth immigration and onboarding of the candidates as well. Our services are not limited to recruitment but also extends beyond, helping you build a healthy employer-employee relationship. We offer services for visa and legal documentation, employee and payroll management, grievance handling and hassle-free separation, in case the involved parties choose to end the employment contract.

Our Core Values

The core values that reinforce our business practices are commitment, integration and utmost professionalism, both to our clients and jobseekers, onshore as well as offshore. We collaborate closely with our clients to provide the efficient recruitment and visa processing services. The recognition from esteemed associations serves as an affirmation that we are on the right track, motivating us to remain driven to excel in our work.

Our Philosophy – It’s about People!

We’re not just about collating CVs and passing the best-looking examples onto you. We never forget that each candidate is a person, so we’re consistent and never give cause for our integrity to be questioned. We maintain transparent processes and see all our tasks through until we are satisfied we have done the best we can for all parties concerned.

Meet The Team

Monisha Kohli

Khaansama founder Monisha is a hospitality veteran turned seasoned recruitment expert. Starting her hospitality career collating CVs then rising through the ranks, she landed safely in ‘people’ around 20 years ago. People development and creating dream jobs is her passion and what she doesn’t know about hospitality recruitment, isn’t worth knowing. Oh, and she loves a campaign or two, fighting for the betterment of the sector whenever she can.

Narendra Joshi

Strategy Partner
With an impressive 15 years of experience under his belt, Narendra has honed his skills in the realm of technology and business strategy. Now, as a valuable member of our team at Khaansama, Narendra’s expertise lies in seamlessly integrating HR management with cutting-edge IT solutions. Prepare to be amazed as he combines his technological prowess with a keen eye for HR innovation.

Ashok Kataria

Talent Head
The talent manager your talent wants to be managed by. Ashok is a true expert in his field and loves the hospitality industry with all his heart. He loves organisation and planning and is especially partial to an Excel spreadsheet.

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