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In the current globalised economy, companies must expand their operations beyond the borders to stay competitive. Businesses with diverse teams comprising individuals from various parts of the world gain a significant advantage in the global marketplace. Indian workforce is in great demand in various industries, mainly including: the hospitality industry, manufacturing industry, IT and healthcare, but hiring the best candidates needs a thorough research.

Hiring staff from India comes with its unique challenges with mainly:

Finding Authentic Indian cuisine chefs: With culture and cuisines varying in every part of India, it is difficult for international restaurant owners to identify the authenticity of chefs for specific cuisines.
Language Barrier: The regional chefs with speciality in their local cuisines may have language barrier and it can be difficult for international employers to directly search and contact them.
Background checks and Verifications: It can be a daunting task without the involvement of a local agency.
Visa formalities and legal documentation: Visa formalities and other legal documentation can be challenging and time-consuming task for international employers.

As a prominent provider of international staffing, Khaansama assists companies in recruiting top-notch talent from India and across the globe. Our expertise encompasses candidate souring and talent acquisition, enabling us to adeptly navigate the complexities of international recruitment such as visa requirements, labor law, employment contracts and more. We empower businesses to connect with the perfect expertise that aligns precisely with their distinctive needs, through our vast network and deep industry insights.

Our extensive knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements across various regions enables us to navigate the complexities of hiring employees worldwide. Also, we have a large pool of candidates, allowing us to efficiently connect our clients with the right talent.

Benefits You Get By Collaborating With Us:

Access to a Vast Talent Pool: You get access to our diverse talent pools that has been rigorously selected and evaluated. This reduces your time to hire and increases the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your requirement.

Time and Cost Saving: You can save your valuable time and cost associated with advertising, candidate screening and background checks, freeing you to concentrate on core business processes.
Flexibility and Scalability: Whether you require temporary staff for seasonal demands, project based contractual staff, or permanent hires, Khaansama can assist you with all your business needs. Our services help you to efficiently scale your workforce up or down without the burden of long-term commitments.
Market Insights and Trends: We provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients regarding compensation packages, market trends, and talent availability, which can help you stay competitive in attracting and retaining the top talent.
Confidentiality and Discretion: We respect the privacy of both clients and the company, and maintain strict confidentially throughout the recruitment process and ensure hat the sensitive information remains secure.
Effective Employee Relationship: We don’t keep ourselves limited to the recruitment, but also help the candidates with orientation, visa requirements and grievance handling, to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your employees.
Outsource Payroll and Employee Management: We also offer payroll and employee management services including attendance, leaves, salary slips, employee reviews, grievance handling and appraisal management. You can opt our outsourcing services to free yourself up from the employee management activities.

We will let them tell you!

Chutney Mary has been using the recruitment services of Khaansama for all our London Fine Dine restaurants and they have been amazing.

Camellia Panjabi Group Director - Masala World

We are chain of restaurants with huge requirement of skilled kitchen staff. Khaansama has been with us for years on retainer basis.

Om CEO - Pasta Bowl Company

Khaansama has helped me shape my career in hospitality. They helped me get an amazing opportunity with a big brand in Australia.

Chef Vijay Sethi Executive Chef - Restaurant

We are associated with Khaansama for more than 7 years now. We are very happy with their retainer model of HR & recruitment services.

Ritu Memani Owner, Atara Hospitality

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