Legal Documentation

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Legal documentation holds immense importance for several reasons. It serves to meet compliance, validate various work activities including employee enrolment, resignation, termination or retirement. In every nation, businesses must adhere to distinct requirements regarding legal documentation to ensure compliance. We take care of these tasks on your behalf and ensure that the correct documentation is in place for each employee, guaranteeing compliance with local government’s rules and regulations. We share the documents in an organised fashion, making it easy for you to access and verify their completeness.

The benefits of getting your legal documentation done through us are:

  • Save cost and time
  • Get documentation done from top immigration lawyers
  • No missing on essential affidavits or certificates
  • Up-to-the mark legal considerations and verification services

With a panel of top-notch immigration lawyers in-house, we can help you with all your recruitment related legal documentation needs with the common legal documents being:

Employment Contract: It outlines the terms and conditions of employment, encompassing crucial details such as hire date, salary, benefits, bonuses, provisions for employment termination and additional agreements. It ensures compliance with state and local legal requirements and safeguards your legal rights in case of performance issues or unexpected resignation by the candidate.

Background and Reference Checks: We have expert auditor teams that care of all the background and reference checks and provides the copies of reports received, which can be required for local legal compliance and ensures you of candidate’s authenticity.

Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreement: Non-compete document is designed to prevent the former employees from working for a competitor or establishing a rival business. NDA specifies details of confidentiality, defining what information is deemed confidential and appropriate methods for handling it. These documents are drafted as per your local legal regulations concerning their usage and are non-mandatory, as their requirement can vary from state to state and employer to employer.

Immigration Related Documents: They include the candidate’s passport copy, work visa copy, financial records, such as bank account statements, loan related documents or tax documents, employment recording including pay slips, family records, particularly the birth and marriage certificates, educational records, criminal records, medical and health records. These documents can be required for legal compliance as per state rules, helps in ensuring candidate’s authenticity and can prove to be helpful in case of any legal issue.

Other HR Documents: It includes various statutory documents as per the state laws, employee appraisal and designation change document, joining, experience or relieving letters, records of any warning letters, recruitment process document, negotiations record documents and employee handbook.


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