Process of Hiring an Indian Cook from India to the Netherlands

Navigating the Process of Hiring an Indian Cook from India to the Netherlands

One country that has remained a popular destination for expats is the Netherlands, which attracts international students and professionals annually. A Netherlands Chef visa is a work permit that allows foreign workers, including chefs, to find employment in the hospitality sector in the Netherlands for the long term or the short term. In the case of the Netherlands, hotels and restaurants may hire cooks from India through the combined work and residence permit (GVVA) scheme.

Hiring an Indian cook for your restaurant in the Netherlands comes with careful thinking and knowledge about it and much more than just a job post “Indian cook required.” Let us see how the process moves.

What are the Conditions for Applying for a Visa?

What are the Conditions for Applying visa

To bring a full-time paid cook to the Netherlands, you’ll require one permit called GVVA (gecombineerde vergunning verblijf en arbeid). This permit is a combination of residence and work permits. Ensure you understand this single permit’s requirements and application processes.

While there is no issue in applying for a work visa for the cook who is still in the Netherlands, you should show that you have conducted a job search within the territory of the Netherlands and Europe. This includes publishing advertisements like “South Indian Chef Required” on the Dutch and European labor markets for at least three weeks. In your application, describe how this search was done and the findings. You may also qualify to apply for work permits if you own a unique Indian restaurant or Asian restaurant with Indian food on the menu.

Specified Requirements Regarding Chefs

You’ll need to justify why your restaurant or hotel is looking for a north Indian cook wanted at levels four to six (specialty cooks, all-round cooks, sous chefs, and chefs). This includes providing a recent credential evaluation to confirm that the cook possesses the required qualifications for working at levels four, five, or six. Include the cook’s resume, outlining their education and work experience.

To apply for a work permit for an Asian cook, you must notify the UWV about the job vacancy. The position must remain open for at least five weeks.

Documents Needed for Residence Permit for Indian Chef

Documents Needed for Residence Permit

To determine eligibility for a residence permit, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

● A copy of your passport, including all pages with relevant stamps or visas.
● Copies of any certificates or diplomas you hold.
● If available, a copy of your job contract.
● Depending on your specific situation, additional documents may be required.

The residence permit is valid for up to 2 years and can be renewed.

What Requirements Are There to Extend a Work Permit?

To request an extension for a work visa for a cook already in the Netherlands and with an expiring permit after January 1, 2022, you need to prove attempted searching of candidates both in the Netherlands and Europe. This includes publishing advertisements on the Dutch and European labor markets. Describe this search and its results in your application.
Moreover, you should inform the UWV Asian Horeca Service Desk of the vacancy job, which has to be left open for at least three weeks.

Skills to Seek When Hiring an Indian Chef for Your Restaurant

Hiring an Indian Chef for Your Restaurant

Now that you understand the documentation process, focusing on recruiting based on skills becomes paramount. When on the lookout for an Indian chef wanted, consider the following key points:

● Ability to Work Under Pressure: The kitchen for Indian dishes is like a pressure cooker in which everything occurs at once, at high speed. You need people who can keep calm and work patiently during hectic times.

● Leadership Skills: It does not take long for a situation in the kitchen to get out of control. Thus, it is crucial to recruit an Indian chef who can own their job and lead other people accordingly. Go for chefs who are good at teaching, know a thing or two about cooking, and can groom new employees to become future kitchen champions.

● High Priority on Quality: Hiring people who take the quality of food they serve seriously is vital. Being carefully and adequately prepared by the cooks, a dish should conform to some considerable standards before it is offered to customers.

● Attention to Detail: Your chef is in charge of your restaurant menu and inventory management. Thus, they must be aware of customer preferences to make the necessary changes in terms of the menu.


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