A Guide to a Successful International Hospitality Career

From India to Abroad: Your Guide to a Successful International Hospitality Career

Hospitality is the biggest industry in the world and a source of lucrative profession. It encompasses a wide range of professions including event planning, aviation, maritime, tourism, restaurant management and more. The industry offers numerous job opportunities spanning from directors, managers, chefs to kitchen staff, stewards and more. People looking for their career in the hospitality industry usually are the creative ones. They create “home away from home: for the tourists while giving them the experience of the culture they are visiting.

Does this sound like you? Are you passionate about managing the luxurious hotels and resorts, across the globe? How about displaying your culinary art or management skills at luxury places?

Whether you are looking for chef jobs, bartender or waiter jobs, or hotel manager jobs, each role has a crucial role in keeping the hospitality industry afloat. A vast array of dynamic opportunities await you in the hospitality industry world-wide. We are here to guide you how to dip-a-toe and establish yourself in the industry.

Khaansama is a leading staffing agency in the hospitality industry. It provides staffing solutions to various chains of luxurious chains, resorts and airlines all across the globe. We have helped many candidates from India to find their dream hospitality jobs all across the globe. Below mentioned tips are based on our extensive experience and are intended to help you find your direction:

1. Devote some time to do the basic research:International hospitality career

It is important to understand the industry landscape, emerging trends and range of career paths available. It is also important to understand long-term benefits you will get from a particular job role. It is important to know about the organisation you collaborate with and the nation you choose to work in. Dive into different types of hotels, restaurants, and their day-to-day operations. It will help you to understand the hospitality industry recruitments. It is important to understand which role fits best with your interest. So that you can feel fulfilled in the long-run along with the financial benefits you will gain from the work. Many people lose their directions soon because they make the decisions without proper research. Khaansama has an extensive experience in the hospitality industry recruitments. We have top notch consultants in-house who can guide you with the right hospitality career path. We offer detailed counselling sessions to help you find your calling. Call us at:  +91-9999168592 


2. Get Relevant Skills and Qualifications:international hospitality career

Once you have identified which role you feel passionate about, the very next step is to attain the required skills and education. The journey of gaining the required skills and qualifications will equip you with the essential knowledge. It will act as a strong foundation of your successful career.




3. Gain Hands-on Experience:

It is always good to get some practical experience before applying to the reputed chain of hotels and resorts. Seek out internships in the establishments that can provide you the exposure required to excel in the industry. This will give you hands-on experience of daily operations and effective tasks management. You will be able to learn quality guest services and required soft skills. Competencies like effective communication, leadership, problem-solving and team-spirit can help you stand out.



4. Embrace Continuous Learning:

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” — Aristotle, philosopher.

It is essential to stay up-to date with the current trends in the industry. Embracing lifelong learning and seeking skills development opportunities will keep you ahead the curve. Attend the conferences, seminars and workshops related to the hospitality industry. Take the benefits from popular podcasts, digital magazines. Reach out to the esteemed hospitality recruitment agencies for guidance.



5. Seek Exposure

In hospitality industry- Sky is the limit. You can get new exposure in different chains of luxury hotels and resorts in different nations. Look for the internships or job opportunities is esteemed organisations . There you can get the exposure you are looking for and apply to the hotels abroad to get the global exposure. There a lot of hospitality jobs in UK and other European countries. Khaansama can help you find a good hospitality job opportunity in UK, Europe, US, India or Australia, which will allow you to expand your wings.



6. Stay well groomed

A final but exceptionally crucial piece of guidance is to maintain a well-groomed outlook consistently. Career in the hospitality sector is lifestyle transformation. Your personality, a caring disposition, appearance, body language and enthusiasm, all play an important role in how you connect with your guests. The luxury hotels and resorts have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the aesthetics and it’s essential for you to do the same with how you represent yourself.


Hoping these tips will have given you an idea on how to have a rewarding and successful career in the hospitality industry. Khaansama is dedicated to help the hospitality business owners and the potential candidates to find the right match along with making the onboarding a smooth process. If you are looking to build your career in the hospitality industry, reach us out. Khaansama can be your trusted hospitality recruitment partner. Book your appointment with us today. Call us at:  +91-9999168592

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