Benefits of Partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

5 Key Benefits of Partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

With today’s market conditions defined by such a shortage in staff, if you are looking for a qualified candidate, you can expect one thing – frustrating no-good interviews and losses of resources by conducting one. Recruiting the right talent is important in ensuring business success, especially for establishments in the hospitality industry. The latest data shows that 79% of US hotels indicated a staffing shortage, with the figure labeled as ‘severe’ at more than 22%. Likewise, it reportedly nearly doubled to 48% in Britain before COVID-19.

Thus, beyond the most recent trends in hoteling, brands, or technological developments, hospitality mainly focuses on people. To implement the seamless fulfillment of job duties, a team of people oriented towards service is vital for an exceptional guest experience.

However, finding the right talent for short-term or long-term needs is a complex task. That’s where a Hospitality Staffing Agency comes in. This article will explore the top five advantages of teaming up with a staffing company that links qualified workers with suitable hospitality jobs.

How Does a Staffing Agency Work for Your Hospitality Needs?

When working with a staffing agency, you partner with an expert recruiter who assesses your personnel needs and provides candidates best meeting your standards. This means that an agency takes care of administrative tasks such as payrolls and taxes, thereby freeing up your time to manage a business.

One of the major benefits that make working with a staffing agency so attractive is their ability to provide temporary workers during peak demand periods. For instance, if you run a hotel in an area that attracts many visitors during the summer season, then there is probably a need for more workers. You must hire and train new personnel, but a staffing agency can supply temporary workers during this period who are already well-versed with the job.

Another advantage of partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency is their provision of staff for short-term projects. For example, if you’re hosting a large event, you might need extra staff for a few days. The agency can supply staff for the event’s duration, sparing you the effort of hiring and training new employees.

Besides, hiring firms can provide an enterprise with permanent employees especially for those that grow incredibly. The candidate who has the needed skills and experience can be presented by an agency, which will save you money spent on recruiting.

Benefits of Partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

Here are some of the advantages of a staffing agency can provide:
1. Efficient Hiring with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

Hiring can be a costly and time-consuming process. You must post the position and often pay to promote the advertisement to reach an adequate pool of candidates. Sorting through numerous resumes, letters, and documents adds another layer of time and effort. Then comes the interview phase, which can be stressful and pull team members away from their primary responsibilities, especially in understaffed departments.

A Hospitality staffing agency in India simplifies the entire process. Just request new employees, and the agency takes care of the rest. Besides the time for a phone call or email, the internal cost and time investment in onboarding new staff are practically zero.

Plus, they have the expertise in the screening, interviewing, and testing process necessary to identify the ideal candidate for the job. Leveraging their industry contacts and on-site scouts, they can swiftly locate candidates that match a business’s requirements. This streamlined system saves businesses time and money while ensuring they secure the finest talent. Additionally, they offer valuable insights into industry trends that can contribute to your business’s further growth.

2. Enhance Employee Retention

It is vitally important to factor in the costs related to the poor retention of employees bears with itself – lost training, lower performance when reliable specialists leave, and expenses spent on recruitment and human resource orientation. This also leads to the demoralization of those workers who remain.

Working with a staffing firm allows for increases in the employee retention rate through both temporary placements and temporary-to-permanent hires. Temporary staff may help remove some of the load from permanent employees, increasing motivation among other workers to stay in your establishment for a long time.

By hiring temporary-to-permanent workers, you can evaluate their organizational performance before making them full-time employees.

3. Value for Money in Staffing Partnerships

Assessing whether to scale up any partnership depends on value for money. Hotels and restaurants get the best value from staffing agencies because these companies incur costs for hiring temporary and permanent employees and training them. Regarding financial implications, the cost of hotels is next to nothing since short-term employees do not need benefits. This, therefore, makes staffing agencies an economical solution to employment that upholds the quality of service due to the provision of highly qualified employees with experience, training, and certification by these companies.

Hoteliers know turnover is highly disruptive and costly, affecting reliable service delivery. Using a hospitality-focused staffing agency, hotels and restaurants can save a lot of money by reducing turnover and redistributing these savings toward improving customer service.

Staffing agencies perform various tasks, including collecting and evaluating CVs, doing reference checks, and using proper interview means to narrow the qualified job seekers. A recruiter who understands a business’s objectives can help hire appropriate individuals quickly and within a budget.

By hiring a hotel staffing agency, businesses also receive specialized services, such as event management and catering, that may not be offered by in-company staff. The hospitality agency works with businesses to determine the areas of overspending and suggests cost-saving measures. In terms of staffing, managing payroll, and invoicing, a hospitality agency can enable your organization to save costs significantly.

By utilizing the services of a hospitality agency, you can simplify these processes and allocate valuable resources for your organization:

● Streamlined Invoice Process: Since businesses no longer have to manage these items, they only get one invoice covering all payroll expenses such as taxes and workers’ compensation.
● Payroll and Superannuation: By managing payroll and superannuation, the staff provided by hospitality agencies will convey significant advantages to businesses where they can extend their budgets even further.

4. Access to a Broad Pool of Qualified Candidates

Companies often encounter a significant challenge in the hiring process – finding qualified candidates. By partnering with a Hospitality staffing agency in India like Khaansama, you unlock access to an extensive pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates.

Simply communicate the skills, experience, and qualifications you seek in an employee, and we’ll connect you with suitable candidates from our database.

Khaasama comprises individuals who have undergone vetting and are ready for work. This proves especially valuable in specialized fields, for urgent role fillings, or when specific professional certifications are needed. Such an approach saves time and resources in the hiring process, eliminating the need to advertise positions or personally review resumes.

5. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

One of the prominent benefits of collaborating with a Hospitality Staffing Agency is their access to abundant talent. Agencies keep a broad and diverse resource of screened, documented candidates who are qualified according to their qualifications, experience, and compatibility with the hospitality business. This is to say you can quickly find capable personnel who are not limited by those responding to your advertisements or walk-ins.

For example, if you want to hire an expert bartender for a busy bar, the candidates available through a staffing firm, which we mentioned earlier, can have related work experience. This prevents the need to hire and train new employees, thus ensuring quality service. They ensure compliance with all laws concerning employee hiring in the hospitality industry, including carrying certificates such as a Food Quality certificate or an Alcohol Serving certificate.

The agency guarantees the most suitable candidates in each job position will be selected to ensure that people with desirable skills and experience are secured. This guarantees businesses obtain the most appropriate persons to support their operations, ensuring the efficient running of the business. This eliminates the need to locate, recruit, and manage hospitality talent from within.


When choosing hospitality placement services, go for Khaansama. We aim to rapidly arrange replacements, covering many positions within hours. Rest assured, we are not rushing, and all the positions will be occupied by people with high qualifications. In addition, our dedication focuses on legal compliance and involves conducting detailed background checks on all employees.

Though problems with our staff are few and far between, if there are any difficulties, you should be aware that a manager is on standby 24/7 to deal with the problem and take immediate action, such as providing further or alternate staff.