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Most asked bartender interview questions with answers

Bartender Interview Questions: Most Asked Interview Questions and Answers

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

The effective preparation for the bartender job interview can be the decisive factor in whether you will be able to secure a job or will lose it to a competitor. Stats state that only top 10-15% of the candidates put substantial effort into their interview readiness. This simply increases your chance of securing the job as the competition is already less.

When you appear for an interview well prepared, recruiters recognize you as a committed candidate. Bartending profession requires alertness along with other bartending skills and therefore being alert during the interview is a must have. Your personality and aptitude for the role is going to be your best friend.

Why is interview preparation necessary?

bartender interview preparation

Preparing for an interview can make you stand out. Here are the key benefits you are going to get through your preparation journey:
– Enhances your composure and confidence
– Provides you with a competitive advantage
– Elevates job interview performance by crafting responses to common questions in advance

Now, you must be wondering what the common bartender interview questions could be. Let’s discuss the top basic questions, a bartender gets in interviews:

1. Tell us about yourself
This is the most common question and here the recruiter wants to know about your personality and how can they envision you as part of their business. This is your perfect chance to make the everlasting first impression.

Tips for Answer: You can start the answer with “I will be happy to tell you about myself”, and then you can tell about your professional background, qualifications, strengths, personal interests and also your career vision. Prepare your answer to this question in advance tailored to the post and company.

2. Tell us about your bartending experience
If the recruiter is still curious to know about your bartending skills, he / she can ask this question to dig deep into your bartending experience.

Tips for Answer: Here you can explain different types of hospitality ventures, guest categories and events you bartended for. Mentioning your period of work at each workplace will also give them the insight of your stability. In case you have worked for only few months in different workplaces, try to avoid the time details and rather explain more about kind of skills you learnt there.

3. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Here the recruiters want to know how self-aware you are and how are you working to develop your skills and personality. This question although generic, gives you the chance to share your strongest personality traits.

Tips for Answer: Its always good to start with strengths. Try to add a few references to the events when your strengths have been beneficial for your employers. Do not share more than two weaknesses and along with them explain how you cover for them and what are your plans to fix them.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Recruiters usually ask this question to see how sincere you are towards your profession. It also gives them the chance to envision your role in their business in long-term.

Tips for Answer: Thoroughly research the business’s job hierarchy, area of expertise and tailor the answer to meet their long term vision. Choosing the right set of words can show how firm you are about your career plan, therefore, creating an answer in advance will be helpful.

5. How do you approach busy vs slow nights?
Here, the recruiter wants to know your adaptability. Whether you will be able to adapt yourself on different occasions and business seasons is crucial to depict your stability in their business.

Tips for Answer: Here you need to prove your composure and passion for the profession. You can explain your prior tasks management experience on a busy night and activities you cover during slow nights. You must showcase with example how you multi-task in chaotic environments and how you utilize your free time during work hours for the benefit of the business. Answering this question well will also showcase your team spirit so it will be good to prepare the answer as per your experience and understanding in advance.

6. How will you handle an unhappy customer?
Bartending profession has its unique challenges when it comes to customer service. Recruiters will be interested in knowing how you will handle an unhappy customer or a conflict.

Tips for Answer: While bartending you are representing the business you are associated with. Therefore, effective conflict management skill is something you need to showcase to earn the recruiter’s trust.

Some other bartender interview tips are:

bartender interview tips


– Go well dressed and well groomed – Hygiene is your first tool

– Do the homework – Search the company over web and social media
– Be a good listener – Effective communication starts with effective listening
– Carry a resume specially if already not shared – Your resume can speak for you before you do

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