Chef jobs in India
Find chef jobs in India

How To Find Chefs Jobs in India?

Chef is a lucrative profession which provides you the opportunity to experience the hospitality sector all across the globe. A chef is a professionally trained culinary expert who manages the kitchen and team of cooks. Chefs are experts in preparing new recipes and menus, and act as mentors to their team members.

If you are looking for chef jobs in India, you are at the right place. Let’s start with discussing different chef roles available in the industry:

Types of chef jobs

  • Commis Chef: A Commis Chef is a trainee who works closely with experienced chefs. They help them with kitchen management, along with other cooking tasks assigned by the chefs. If you are a newbie, commis chef can be the position you enter the industry with.
  • Sous Chef: A Sous Chef is the assistance to the Head Chef and helps in kitchen management They are experts n all aspects of food preparation and often referred to as senior chef.
  • Head Chef: A Head Chef supervise the kitchen team to ensure smooth functioning and works on planning’s the restaurant’s success through food.
  • Executive Chef: An Executive Chef is responsible for the key activities decided by chefs. It includes food preparation, supervision of the kitchen and more.
  • Chef de Partie: A Chef de Partie is expert of specific type of dishes and involves extensive training of specific food categories. They play key role in success of a kitchen.

Hopefully, you would have gotten idea of diverse career paths you can pursue as a chef in the culinary business. Now, let’s discuss how can you find a chef job in India. With the exposure to international cuisines, food industry has expanded significantly over the past decade. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other tourist places have a high number of luxury hotels and restaurants. Therefore, creating a large scope of chefs in India. For becoming a chef, you need to go through a journey of training yourself:

  • Discover your interest and skill set
  • Enroll in formal training
  • Get certified and participate in internships
  • Construct a robust resume and portfolio
  • Submit your resume to popular job boards and recruitment agencies

The fastest and sure shot way to find a chef job in India is through a chef recruitment agency. They have a team of professionals dedicated to placing chefs in hotels and restaurants all across the country and globe. They are the intermediaries between the recruiters and the candidates. They understand candidate’s expectations, employer’s needs and help both parties in finding the right match. Their expertise in sourcing and facilitating hiring, streamlines the journey for both candidates seeking the job opportunity and the recruiters.

Recruitment agencies vary in their methods of staffing solutions; however, common process involves below mentioned steps:

  • Receiving Candidate Resume: Candidates submit their resumes usually by mails or by visiting them. The team of recruitment experts go through each application to plan short list them for appropriate job vacancies.
  • Candidate Selection and Training: Once the list of candidates have been shortlisted for specific interview, they train the candidate through mock interviews and required courses. This allows the candidate to get an exposure of the interview beforehand allowing them to perform well during the actual interview.
  • Interview Coordination: This involves efficient scheduling of interviews, coordinating with the recruiters and candidates for interview and feedback post the interview. They act as a mediator between the company and candidates and also coordinate in necessary negotiations.
  • Onboarding Support: Once the selection is done, the chef recruitment agencies also help in smooth onboarding including document verifications, information exchange, induction support and more.

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Additionally, the recruitment agencies also provide support for grievance management in case any issue is faced by the candidate or the recruiter post recruitment. In essence, they are the vital bridge connecting recruiters with potential talent and makes job search an easy pursuit for the candidates.

Khaansama is a leading chef recruitment agency in India with its head office in Delhi. Khaansama has already placed many chefs across luxury chains of hotels and restaurants all across India and on-shores as well. Khaansama offers end to end recruitment support making the journey smooth for the candidates. If you are also looking for a chef job in India or even across the globe, reach us today at: . Our team of experienced recruitment experts will guide you through the whole process.

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