A Complete Guide To IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indians Everything You Need To Know

A Complete Guide To IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indians: Everything You Need To Know

Australia, with its vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and being the strongest economy, stands out as a sought-after destination for those aiming to work and study there. Unsurprisingly, many graduating students and professionals worldwide aspire to permanent residency in this captivating country.

For those aspiring to work a hotel job in Australia, demonstrating proficiency in daily language skills is essential – whether ordering a flat white or conversing with colleagues. A solid way to meet Australia’s language requirements is by taking the IELTS test. Widely accepted by nearly all professional entities and integrated into the point-based immigration system, IELTS is the preferred test for migration to Australia.

To secure a visa for Australian permanent residency, you can opt for the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. This article sheds some light on the intricacies of taking the IELTS exam for a hotel job in Australia, including IELTS exam fees in Australia, the minimum required score, and much more.

Why IELTS Bands are that Important?

Why IELTS Bands are that Important?

The importance of the IELTS Band for a work visa to get a chef job lies in the fact that English is the primary language in Australia. A strong command of English is crucial for professionals working in the country. This proficiency ensures effective communication in a professional context and helps you get deep inside the local culture and community. Knowing the language also helps in effective communication during any trouble on the worksite, especially in the kitchen, where there could be an emergency hazard.

From an employer’s viewpoint, hiring individuals with English proficiency minimizes misunderstandings and improves team dynamics. Therefore, through its visa regulations, Australia ensures that the incoming workforce possesses the necessary communication skills for effective integration.

How Many Bands Do You Need For Australian Work Visa?

How Many Bands Do You Need For Australian Work Visa?

When considering a chef job in Australia, it typically is categorized as a Skilled Worker visa. A work visa requires you to obtain at least a band of 6.0 in the IELTS General Training test. This is a very important milestone, stressing that this language skills test will testify to your visa approval.

Should the first attempt end up below what is necessary, you must retake the test until you get the minimum basic requirement.

IELTS Band Points Table​

For most Australian General Skilled migration visas, including Visa Subclass 189, 190, and 491, each component’s minimum required band Band is 6.0. However, achieving a 6.0 band Band does not allow you to claim points in the Australia PR points system.

When seeking IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indian, you may wonder about the required IELTS band. The IELTS band requirement depends on the visa subclass and the institution or organization to which you are applying. In general, Australia has three levels of English language proficiency, each offering different points:

IELTS Bands Visa Points Superior (8.0 bands) 20 Proficient (7.0 bands) 10 Competent (6.0 bands) 0


Visa Points

Superior (8.0 bands)


Proficient (7.0 bands)


Competent (6.0 bands)


IELTS Score Requirement by Visa Type

There are various permanent and provisional visa choices for skilled commercial cookery workers based on the occupation you are applying under.

Chefs, cooks, and pastry cooks can apply for the following visas:

● Subclass 190 – Skilled nominated visa (permanent)
● Subclass 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage
For chefs specifically (not currently available for cooks or pastry cooks), the following additional visa options are accessible:

● Subclass 186 – Employer nomination scheme visa (permanent)
● Subclass 189 – Skilled independent visa (permanent)

Here’s a brief about each visa type and bands needed for IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indian to pass:

● General Skilled Migration

The GSM program includes the visa for skilled independents (subclass 189) and the visa for skilled nominees (subclass 190). The subclass 189 visa permits skilled workers to work and reside in Australia, requiring a skills assessment to ensure eligibility in specific occupations, such as chef. The subclass 190 visa allows work and study across Australia, mandating a relevant occupation and completing the skills assessment.

These visas set specific English proficiency criteria:

● For Superior: IELTS Band of 8 or more in the four test components.
● For Proficient: IELTS Band of 7 or more in the four test components.
● For Competent: IELTS Band of 6 or more in the four components.

While Competent English meets the basic threshold, achieving higher bands can earn applicants additional points in the Points Test, enhancing their likelihood of visa approval.

● Employer Nominated Scheme

Specific language requirements apply for the ENS under Subclass 186 and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) under Subclass 187. A minimum IELTS score of 6 in each of the four test components is necessary in the Direct Entry Stream.

However, under the Transition Stream, where applicants have worked in Australia for at least three years, the English language requirement might be waived, subject to meeting other conditions.

● Temporary Skill Shortage

The TSS Visa, Subclass 482, which replaced the 457 visa, has distinct language requirements based on its streams. In the Short-term Stream, an IELTS score of 5 is required, with a minimum of 4.5 in each test component. For the Medium-term and Labour Agreement Stream, applicants need an IELTS score of at least 5 in each of the four test components.

IELTS Exam Structure

Understanding the IELTS exam format and preparing for its components can boost your confidence during the test. The exam of IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indian assesses your listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities. IELTS is categorized into two types – Academic and General Training. While Reading and Writing assessments differ, the Listening and Speaking sections remain the same.

The entire exam is completed in less than three hours, with no breaks between the sections, all taken on the same day. You can reserve a convenient time slot online for the Speaking test. If you fail to select one within the allotted time, a slot will be automatically assigned to you. Here’s an overview of what you should know about each of the four sections:

● Reading: Students demonstrate their reading skills by responding to questions related to three passages within 60 minutes. The number of questions in this section is 40.
● Listening: Students listen to recordings of native English speakers and provide answers within a 30-minute. This section contains 40 questions.
● Speaking: In the speaking section, students converse with a certified examiner and are evaluated on four criteria: coherence and fluency, lexical resource, grammar, and pronunciation.
● Writing: The Writing section in IELTS assesses various writing skills. Students have 60 minutes to complete two questions.

While the IELTS examination is manageable, the questions can be tricky. Therefore, it is advisable to participate in mock tests to enhance preparedness.

Preparing for IELTS Tips and Resources
Preparing for IELTS Tips and Resources

To kickstart IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indian citizens, you’ll need a some study material to grasp and practice language skills. Going through the sea of test preparation materials for IELTS may seem challenging. Still, we are pointing out a list of best IELTS books covering basic and intricate concepts to solidify your learning.

1. Official Guide for Cambridge IELTS

This comprehensive guide caters to academic and general training, making it an invaluable resource for beginners. Rely on this guide with insightful tips and real-life examples to steer your learning journey. Highlights include:

● Understanding the test different sections and format
● Exam preparation with 8 diverse practice tests
● Sequential skill enhancement tailored to exam types
● Audio files for effective test practice

2. IELTS Superpack by Barron’s

Explore various strategies and useful tips provided inside IELTS Superpack. This book covers it all with a thorough learning approach, whether for academic or professional purposes. It encompasses:

● Essential IELTS vocabulary
● Formatting, practice exams, and section-specific learning
● Practical tips for every section, plus an overview of the testing and scoring system

3. Academic Student Book with Answers for Cambridge IELTS

Looking to practice the sample tests before the real exam? This book is the go-to resource for sample tests. It mirrors the structure and question types of the IELTS, providing:

● 4 detailed tests
● Exam explanations and techniques to get the most bands
● Sample questions and answer sheets

4. Check Your Vocabulary

The IELTS exam preparation is incomplete without essential words. This dedicated book focuses on phrases and words is crucial for IELTS. It stands out by offering:

● Guide for academic and general tests
● Abundant words for practice
● Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary tests for enhanced preparation

How Can You Register for IELTS?

When you’re ready to take the test, apart from preparing, you’ll need to make an IELTS test booking online. You can visit the nearest IDP branch for offline registration or choose the easy way by booking at IELTS Essential.

Follow these steps to book the IELTS test online:

● IELTS Registration:

Visit the official IELTS Essential website, expand the top menu, click on “English Language Tests,” and select “IELTS.”

● Select Test Module and Test City:

Choose the type of test – General Training or Academic IELTS, IELTS for the UKVI, and B1 and A1 for Life Skills. Pick your preferred test location from the drop-down list in the last field.

● IELTS Date Booking:

After registration, book your preferred IELTS test slot by choosing from the available dates.

● Complete Registration Process:

Fill out the form with the necessary details (passport ID, date of birth, name, etc.) to complete your IELTS online application. Click on “Proceed” to submit.

● Pay IELTS Exam Fee:

Pay the IELTS exam fee in the final step. The IELTS exam fees in Australia vary based on the type of test you’re applying for, but it typically ranges around AUD 410.00.

After booking your exam date, an acknowledgment email or SMS will be sent to your registered email address/phone number. For offline IELTS test registration, visit the nearest IDP IELTS branch with the required documents: Passport copy and observation pages (if any).

IELTS Results and Its Validity

Whether an exam is taken online or on the paper will determine how long it requires to release the results. Online assessments are released six days following the exam, whereas IDP IELTS scores are typically disclosed three to twenty-one days following the exam.

To all those looking for IELTS For Hotel Jobs in Australia for Indian – Keep an eye on the expiry of your IELTS bands! Regardless of your score, it remains valid for no more than two years. Educational institutions and organizations strictly adhere to this timeframe. While some employers may consider an expired test score, it’s essential to note that your IELTS validity should be, at most, the specified timeline. You can provide copy of your exam results if you apply for a chef job after the score expires.


The complex process for getting hotel jobs in Australia is one of the most popular one nowadays; therefore, getting yourself comfortable with the IELTS ins and outs for Indians who want to move and settle down there becomes very important. An essential requirement includes proficiency in English, proven by the IELTS test – a major focus is placed on effective communication at work and within Australia’s community as a whole.

Knowing the lowest band necessities for various categories of visas is also important – especially to achieve at least a sum of 6.0 in that General Training test which will be required if you are looking for work visa . The brief overview of the IELTS exam structure, preparation tips and resources indicated below offers useful information for applicants intending to pass this test with flying colours. This guide, therefore; works to address all the aspects associated with IELTS in an effort to prepare individuals for exhilarating hotel career opportunities down under.