Indian Chef job in India & Abroad

Indian Chef Career in India & Abroad - A Complete Guide

The trajectory of a chef’s career is interesting and highly rewarding both in India and abroad. With the increase in fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels, demand of Indian chefs has increased drastically in past few years. Indian cuisine is known for its rich and diverse flavours and is popular all across the globe.

Why are Indian Chefs so in demand?

Indian dishes are famous for their unique blend of a variety of spices. Only IndiHow Indian Chef makes traditional and modern Indian dishesan chefs can do the justice with the Indian dishes. They play a vital role in creating and presenting traditional and modern Indian dishes to the global audience. Here is why Indian Chefs are so in demand:

1. They have a deep understanding of regional Indian cuisines, including North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai and more.

2. Indian chefs have specialisation in hot selling cuisines like biryani, tandoori cooking and more.

3. Indian chefs are innovative and keep bringing fusion cuisines to the market while preserving the authentic flavours of Indian food.

4. They are quick at adapting to the client demands as per the regional choice of taste.


indian chef job in indiaThe culinary industry in India continues to grow, thus providing a promising scope for Indian Chefs in India. There are plenty Indian Chef Jobs available in the market. Here are some key factors that make opportunities for Indian chefs in India abundant:

  1. Growth in Culinary Industry: With globalisation, the industry which saw the fastest growth is the food industry. With increase in number of corporate events, business gatherings and social gatherings, the demand of authentic Indian chefs has increased.

2. Specialised Cuisines: The demand for specialised Indian cuisines and chefs is on the rise. Dishes of specific regions is the theme of menu for many restaurants and require specialised chefs, creating a lot of specialised chef jobs.

3. Diverse Landscape: India is a big country and is renowned for its rich and diverse culinary heritage. There is a vast range of flavours and dishes in each region of India. This offers a lot of opportunities to chefs with expertise in regional dishes like South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi, Bengali and more.

4. Tourism: India is a popular destination for tourism and people come here to experience the culture. The culinary heritage of India is the key attraction for the tourists therefore creating a lot of chef jobs.

5. Food trucks and Street Food: We all are aware of revolution in food industry created by the social media. Street food and food trucks are getting viral and selling fast. Chefs have the opportunity to sell their skills directly through food trucks and street food stalls, without making huge investments in opening cafés and restaurants.

6. Catering and Events: India is famous for its hospitality. Any event is incomplete without a wonderful catering. Growing demand for different cuisines in weddings, corporate events and parties has created various work opportunities for Indian chefs.

7. Food Media: Impact of social media needs no introduction. Many renowned as well as new chefs are choosing to share their recipes and educate others through social media handles and YouTube. It provides them with a stable source of income and opportunity to network.

8. Food innovation: With the largest population in the world, India is excelling in food industry. Food trends are changing every now and then with innovative food fusions, and traditional dishes getting marketed. This creates a lot of opportunities for the Indian chefs.

9. Food Delivery Platforms: With rise in use of online delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy, the demand of food has increased as well. The corporate employees, especially the working mothers use these platforms for family events as well as regular get together. With the increase in demand of food, the demand of chefs has also increased drastically.

Therefore, scope for Indian chefs in India is diverse and continues to expand each day.


Indian Chefs Career in AbroadIndian chefs are gaining popularity all across the globe. Here are key reasons due to which Indian chef jobs are increasing globally:
1. Globalisation: With globalisation, a lot of Indian have moved abroad. They are always looking for authentic Indian food in those areas. Therefore, the demand of Indian chefs is increasing across the sea as well.

2. Cultural Adaptation: With increased movement of people from one place to another, people are more adaptable to other cultures. Indian culture and food has been appreciated in both Western and European countries. Therefore, the demand for Indian food and thus the Indian chefs has also increased.

3. Ease of Visa: With increase in tourism and globalisation, getting work visa is not a lengthy process anymore. Agencies like Khaansama further make the process easier for you and moving abroad for work is easier than ever.

4. Increased number of food chains: Many popular authentic Indian food brands have opened their chains all across the world, leading to an increase in work opportunities for Indian chefs.

Therefore, working abroad as an Indian chef can be an exciting opportunity. It is important to stay updated on global food trends and incorporate them into your culinary skills to appeal a wider audience. We here at Khaansama, are well aware of skills and experience required to grab the best culinary job opportunities in India as well as abroad. We can be your trustable partner in the journey of finding the perfect chef job. If you are Indian chef looking to create a wonderful career for you, feel free to reach us at: khaansama contact us

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