Virtual hospitality recruitment services
Benefits of Virtual Hospitality Recruitment Services

What Is Virtual Hospitality Recruitment and How It Is Beneficial to the Businesses?

The hospitality business relies heavily on the Virtual Recruitment Services. It provides them with the access to the specialized chefs and hotel staff from all across the world. Only the regional chefs can bring the authenticity to a dish. Thus, recruiting regional chefs has been a game changer for many hospitality businesses.

How does the Virtual Hospitality Recruitment take place?

Virtual hospitality recruitment services

The global recruitment agencies like Khaansama have dedicated teams for hospitality staffing solutions. Khaansama provides regional chef staffing and other hospitality jobs staffing from different countries. The virtual recruitment has become a popular process. It offers great efficiency, ability to adapt to modern hiring practices and flexibility. Below are the steps involved in Virtual Hospitality Recruitment:

1. Collecting Recruitment Requirements from clients:
The first step involves collecting the detailed requirement from the clients. It can be collected through zoom meetings. Exchange of documents can happen over the emails. Questionnaires and survey forms are also used for information collection. These practices to understand what exactly the clients are looking for.

2. Online Job Posting:
The recruitment agencies further post the job over different portals and existing groups. They collect large number of applications to choose from. Khaansama has its own pool of candidates and a large network. They can provide you access to a long list of potential candidates.

3. Applicant Verification and Training:
Reputed recruitment agencies like Khaansama put deliberate efforts in recruitments. They conduct background verifications of the applicants on client’s behalf. They also take the first round of interview and train them for actual interview. This allows candidate is able to showcase his/her skills and experience effectively. It also makes them aware of client’s expectations. This makes the interaction between both the parties smooth.

4. Virtual Interviews:
The employers can assess the candidate over the video call. They can choose the desired candidate after required rounds of interviews. Khaansama also provides the provision of providing ratings by top-notch chefs on their cooking skills during a live demo.

5. Remote Onboarding:
With the advancements in technology, the onboarding process can also be done online. Training modules, online orientation sessions and paperwork can be done online. Khaansama provides services for remote onboarding and immigration documentation support services as well.


benefits of hospitality recruitment services
1. Geographical Boundaries Become Virtual as Well:
With virtual recruitment, employers get access to a wider network of talent. It becomes easy to get access to the international candidates. It allows the business owners to expand their menus. They need not to worry about how to get authentic regional chefs.

2. A lot of time and money gets saved:
With virtual recruitment services, the whole recruitment and onboarding process gets accelerated. With the online interview process, the employers also get the flexibility to schedule the interview as per their calendar. It also leads to a large cost savings. There is no need for travel and accommodation costs for the physical interview. Also, the recruitment agencies take care of the background verification and immigration processes. It saves a lot of time and hassle.

3. You get the competitive edge:
With virtual recruitment, employers get access to a large pool of potential candidates. It also creates an impression of them being forward-thinking and innovative. This attracts more potential candidates compared to their competitors.

4. Facilitates Optimal Candidate Selection:
With a lot of hassle saved, the management is able to focus on selecting the most suitable candidates. The streamlined hospitality recruitment allows the candidate and employer to establish effective connection. It makes the skill and interpersonal skills assessment effective.

5. Flexibility:
The flexibility which comes with virtual hospitality staffing solutions is unmatched. It allows the business owners to pay only for the recruitment services they require. They don‘t need to pay regular salaries to the in-house recruitment teams. In house teams are also not as experienced as the staffing agencies. Thus, with outsourcing staffing needs, you get easy access to quality services.

Therefore, virtual recruitment offers numerous advantages. Creating a positive candidate experience requires careful planning and attention. This is possible by partnering with an esteemed recruitment agency like Khaansama.

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