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Hotel Front Desk: Here's What it's Like to Work This Job

The role of a front desk employee in a hotel is undeniably significant. But what’s the real deal behind the curtains of this very attractive job post? Well, as the face of the hotel, you are the first and last point of contact for guests, shaping their initial and final impressions.

Hotel front desk jobs are a fantastic opportunity to go for. Although many reasons may come to your mind on why should you apply for this job, here are some of the top reasons:

● Growth opportunity – With the diverse range of tasks at a hotel, there are numerous positions and levels of responsibility.
● Fantastic working experience – Welcoming guests as they are on their journey can be immensely satisfying, giving you a holiday-like feeling throughout your shifts.
● Comes with perks – Hotels prioritize employee well-being, offering perks like paid vacations, medical and dental insurance, and retirement plans.

Their main goal is ensuring their (the guest’s) stay is nothing short of a fantastic journey. If you’re interested in the ins and outs of being a front desk employee, this article covers you. Let’s delve into the day-to-day tasks, how to apply for the role, and the potential career paths that can follow your stint as a front desk employee.

An Overview of All the Hotel Front Desk Duties

An Overview of All the Hotel Front Desk DutiesBeing a front desk employee requires a strong administrative hold. This role demands exceptional organizational skill that goes beyond tasks like managing rooms, working with a computer, making invoices/bills, and addressing diverse customer service needs and demands.

What does a typical day look like for a Hotel Front Desk employee? Here’s a glimpse:

● Risе and shinе at 6:45 AM for thе first 7 AM to 3 PM shift.
● Rеviеw thе previous shift’s check-ins, pеnding ordеrs, any rеquеsts, or any other pending requirements that you should focus on.
● Address urgent matters pronto.
● Tally up thе cash with all thе updatеd salеs and chеck-ins.
● Manage guest check-ins with a warm welcome and chеckouts with еnthusiasm.
● Prep for upcoming hotеl meetings and make sure to know your cuеs.
● Allocatе rooms to еach guеst.
● Manage incoming packages and ensure delivery right away.
● Confirm any dinner reservations and make sure an employee is acquainted with them.
● Procеss thе rеsеrvations, all thе chеckouts, and all thе chеck-ins.

A successful front desk employee always stays one step ahead, anticipating potential hiccups and resolving issues before they impact the guest experience.

What's the Typical Pay for a Hotel Front Desk?

The average Hotel Worker salary in the United States is $38,000 as of 2023. However, the salary range usually varies and can go well beyond $40,000.

Requirements of Hotel Front Desk Jobs

Requirements of Hotel Front Desk JobsTo become a hotel front desk employee, you might need to meet the following criteria:


Typically, a high school diploma or its equivalent suffices. While not mandatory, having a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or a related field can offer a solid understanding of the industry and potentially boost your earning prospects.


Upon joining, еxpеct a pеriod of on-thе-job training to acquaint yoursеlf with thе ins and outs of thе spеcific hotеl or rеsort. During this phasе, you’ll likely shadow an еxpеriеncеd front desk employee, learning the ropes of guest services software, customer interaction, and other essential duties. Supervised tasks by a manager or еxpеriеncеd employee ensure you grasp the job’s nuances efficiently.


While not always mandatory, certifications can enhance the earning potential and competitiveness of professionals in the hospitality industry, including hotel front desk employees.

Vital skills:

Here are some skills for a proficient employee that you should consider before searching for “hotel front desk jobs near me”:

Basic Computer knowledge: Managing specialized hospitality software and standard office applications is a significant part of the daily routine.
Customer service skills: Acting as the primary point of contact, a hotel front desk employee must excel in customer service.
Communication skills: Effective communication among guests, the hotel team, and management is a crucial aspect of the role.
Organization skills: An organized approach aids in accurately handling reservation availabilities, making reservation changes, and managing multiple guest check-ins and check-outs through hospitality management software systems.

Breakout of the Front Office Team

Breakout of the Front Office TeamEach hotel has an organization chart. Depending on the hotel’s size, the roles of each front office operational position might appear as follows.

Rooms Manager

The director of rooms or rooms division manager is a crucial position within the hotel. They usually oversee the Front Desk, Guest Services, and Housekeeping departments, playing a significant role in motivating the operational team and maintaining the level of guest service.

Front office manager

A front office manager supervises all other employees working at the front desk. They manage daily schedules and front desk staffing during the day.

Front desk employees

A hotel front desk employee manages guest check-ins and check-outs, ensuring every customer has a pleasant and memorable stay.

Reservation manager

The reservation manager handles all reservations, including cancellations and changes, while also training front desk staff to address booking-related inquiries.

Reception manager

The reception manager primarily handles phone calls and guest queries. As they usually provide the first impression of the hotel, they strive to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their stay.

Night auditor

The night auditor oversees auditing processes in the evenings, including checking all the cash received during the day and completing reconciliations. If there’s any unaccounted-for amount, they will need to investigate further.


While the concierge manages the front desk, their responsibilities extend beyond this area. To ensure the guests’ needs are met, the concierge collaborates with various hotel departments, including housekeeping.

Applying for a Front Desk Job

Applying for a Front Desk JobWhen it comes to landing a front desk employee job, you’ve got a solid entry point into the hotel industry. If you are worried about the experience, there’s no need to shed any sweat because you don’t usually need any.

While luxury hotels may prefer some background in the field with real customer interaction experience, most places value your hospitality enthusiasm, effective communication, and knack for problem-solving to engage with any problems effortlessly.

Suppose you’ve tackled roles in restaurants, retail stores, or other customer-oriented settings. In that case, you’re already a highlighted candidate, plus you should have hotel front desk resume skills to make yourself the sureshot choice.

Things to Consider While Applying for a Front Desk Job

Keep an eye on the hotel’s career website or popular job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn for these openings.
● Consider dropping by the hotel in person to apply. Remember to bring along your resume and cover letter to leave with HR.
● Anticipate at least one interview, usually with a front desk supervisor or manager, and possibly with higher-ups like the Director of Rooms or even the General Manager if you’re eyeing a top-tier spot.
● Have your references ready, as some hotels might run a background check or a drug screen as part of the process before you get the green light to start.

Final Words

In a nutshell, working at the hotel front desk offers a dynamic and rewarding career path. With its various perks, growth opportunities, and diverse responsibilities, this role requires a combination of essential skills, a welcoming attitude, and a knack for effective communication. Excitingly, it can serve as a stepping stone toward a prosperous hospitality career.

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