Benefits of Hiring Hospitality Staff from India

The Benefits of Hiring Hospitality Staff from India: Diversity and Expertise

Indian culture is known worldwide for its hospitality. Indians pay highest regards to their guests and live by the well-known saying, “Atithi Devo Bhava”. It signifies that a guest is regarded as a reflection of the divine.

“We are true custodians of hospitality, proud proponents of traditional arts and culture” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Due to this default quality of hospitality in Indians, many luxurious chains of hotels and resorts trust the Indian employees. They have the required customer-centric personality traits. Also, the Indian food is famous all across the globe and Indian Chefs are high in demand than ever. Their track record of professional competence has been well-established, in recent years.

India stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It has a vast pool of qualified, skilled, brilliant and experienced professionals. Thus, hiring Indian candidates can be a strategic decision to grow your hospitality venture. Also, with recruitment agencies available, hiring candidates from India has become easy.

Khaansama is the one of the best hospitality recruitment agencies in India. It has been recruiting Indian candidates on behalf of foreign clients for more than a decade now. Khaansama is a long-term recruitment partner with many clients. It is known for quality services and smooth onboarding experience provided.

There a lot of reasons for which the foreign owners of hospitality businesses tend to recruit their staff from India. The key benefits of hiring Indian hospitality staff being:

1. Proficiency in English:

English is widely used all across India and Indians can speak English fluently. The absence of the language barrier makes their transition in the new culture seamless. It provides Indians a significant advantage over candidates from other countries. Apart from English, many Indians are also trained to speak French and other foreign languages. Diversity of languages and culture in India makes them quick learners. It makes them a suitable candidate for jobs in different nations and cultures.

2. Rich Food Industry:

India is famous for its spices and having the right blend of spices in their dishes. The food variety of India is large and vary from state to state, allowing you to expand your menu of Indian meals creatively. The South Indian and North Indian food is famous all over the globe. With its perfect blend of healthy herbs and spices, it is a tasty yet healthy food choice for the customers. Indian chefs are also trained in cooking foreign dishes with a lot of top culinary schools in India. India is the world’s most populated country. Thus, it provides you access to a vast reservoir of passionate, talented and hard-working candidates.

3. Customer-Centric Approach:

Customer satisfaction is the base of any successful business. It is of paramount importance for securing a reputation. Indians have a friendly demeanour, and problem-solving attitude which makes them exceptionally customer-centric. A strong desire to stand-out and meet clients is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. By choosing Indian candidates for your hospitality business, you can reap great benefits.

4. Creative Workforce:

Innovation is the key element of success as it helps you shine brighter than the competition. Indian candidates the creative whether it comes to blending spices and herbs or to plan and execute a business process. They can be the best managers you would ever have. They are incredibly hardworking, dedicated to their work roles and great problem-solvers.

5. Cost-Effective:

Another factor for choosing Indian candidates is their cost-effectiveness. It is cost-effective compared to hiring the chefs and managers from western countries. As such, you will get access to high-quality, affordable talent dedicated to provide the outstanding services.

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