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Rise in Demand of Expat Chefs in India

The hospitality industry in India has experienced significant growth over the past decade. People in India are increasingly embracing international flavours, creating a high demand for expat chefs to cater to culinary events featuring cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, French, Thai and more.

The number of luxury hotels in India, including five-star establishments, has witnessed a remarkable increase and have almost doubled in past few years. With the increase in globalisation and growth of travel industry, Indian consumers have developed a discerning palate, capable of identifying even a single missing ingredient in global cuisines. To cater to their demand, specialised expatriate chefs are being brought in. The rise of premium hotels and luxury food startup’s across India has led to these expat chefs being generously compensated and receiving a warm welcome.

The hotel managers emphasise that these expatriate chefs are not merely confined to the kitchen and are more akin to “Culinary Artists” who engage with guests while cooking. Their involvement extends beyond culinary expertise, and they are expected to interact with guests. In addition to the chefs, there is also a high demand for expatriates with expertise in areas such as one sommelier, beverage brand ambassadorship, pastry chefs and tea sommelier.

Khaansama provides the best expat chefs in India from all over the world.

How Khaansama Can Help You Find the Expat Chefs, You Looking For?

Khaansama specialises in offering chef recruitment services on both national and international levels, while also providing periodic trainings for chefs. We have a strong reputation all across India and in various international locations including Italy, Spain, Dubai, France, Singapore, Australia and US. We offer guidance and assistance to chefs from all across the globe who wish to migrate and pursue their dreams of working in India, a country that embraces multicultural cuisine. We provide the hotel or restaurant owners, an access to a pool of skilled and trusted chefs.

When expat chefs migrate to India, a smooth transition between different cultures in crucial. We help fill the gap between hotel or restaurant owners and the chefs by providing our well-defined troubleshooting and consultation services.

Khaansama is the best expat chef provider agency in India

1. Career Counselling:

Career counselling is essential for new chefs, helping them gain a better understanding of their future prospects in India. The counselling team at Khaansama, pays heed to understand the recruiter’s requirement and communicate all the required responsibilities with the chefs to eliminate any chance of communication gap. It also helps them understand their position and future scope with the organisation they are going to collaborate with. The chef’s responsibilities in Indian hotels and restaurants can range from kitchen supervision, menu planning, keeping record of ingredient, ensuring food quality and taste, interacting with clients for requirements and feedback to staff management.

Effective counselling is vital to provide chefs with required information and motivation to pursue their dreams in India and helps the recruiting hotel or restaurant owner to build a solid relationship with them. We also ensure to eliminate any miscommunication that may occur, by facilitating direct contact between the candidate and the hotel or restaurant authorities.

Khaansama provides best International chefs to hotel and restaurant chains in India

2. Training:

Khaansama helps in minimising the initial difficulties that may arise due to cultural differences and language barrier, by providing training to chefs before they commence their work in the Indian hotels or restaurants. Initial trainings have proved to be beneficial in reducing staff turnover and increasing the employee satisfaction.

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3. End-to-End support:

The chefs recruited by Khaansama can always to turn to us in case of potential conflicts or other issues in their work environment. Any misconduct by chefs can also be reported back to us by the hotel or restaurant owners, which we promptly investigate and provide unbiased support. Our expert conflict resolution teams will make the best efforts to resolve any conflicts between employers and chefs, leading to long-term healthy work relationship, beneficial for both the parties.

4. Visa Application:

Visa applications are vital for the expat chefs looking to move to India to pursue their dream career. We take care of the visa application process and ensure a seamless visa application for the candidates. With a client-centric work ethic, we provide a hassle-free process for both the candidates and hotel or restaurant owners.

Whether you are an expat chef looking to pursue your dream career in India or an Indian hotel or restaurant owner looking to hire top-notch expat chefs, feel free to reach us at, we will help you find the right match for your requirement.

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